Challenging Poverty In Mongolia Since 2001

​Poverty Has a Name

Flourishing Future's approach to challenging poverty is to pull away from larger projects and to focus on individuals. The method has always been "One Family At A Time". Poverty is different for all individuals. There is a story behind every suffering human that needs to be heard, and a need that must be met. 

Holistic Approach 

A focus on individual wholeness includes physical, educational and emotional needs being addressed. 


Growth and Expansion While Staying "Small"

Flourishing Future is expanding, and all the while keeping our "small" approach. Our goal is to always know who we help on a personal level. No one should ever be a number, and everyone should be known on an individual level. 


Beating The Crisis

In 2001, founders of Flourishing Future began to see a trend that troubled them. It seemed that compassion for the suffering only occured after the crisis.


They began to ask themselves why we could not intervene before a child was left cold on the street, before the abuse and the hunger. 


This was the foundation of Flourishing Future, to beat the crisis, get there before it happened. Flourishing Future's aim was to seek out families in the ger district slums of Mongolia's capital city that were on the verge of losing their child to the street and stop it before it happened. 


In 2017 this continues to be our goal. 



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Bayanzukh district
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