Flourishing Future provides scholarships to students who have a desire to attend university/vocational schools but do not have the financial means to do so. In the  2016/ 2017 school year, with the help of donations from around the world, we provided scholarships for 36 students. 

1st Grade School Preparation 

Flourishing Future provides a 1st grade school preparation class from March to June of each year. This is free to the community and we accept up to 40 students each year. In this class, children will learn to read, write and understand basic arithmetic. On Graduation day each student receives a new backpack complete with supplies for the 1st grade.


Food and Coal Distribution 

Qualifying families receive food twice a month through our food distribution program. A major requirement for the program is that the children of the family are all enrolled and attending school. Coal and wood are provided to families in extreme need who do not have the financial capabilities to heat their homes. 


Flourishing Future provides English language training twice a week for both beginners and intermediate students. Vocational training in carpentry and felt making are also provided. There are special talks given to the community on various subjects througout the year. We host a library and internet room, offered free to the community. 

Local Girls Shelter 

Flourishing Future has partnered with a local girls shelter to help provide support needed to continue this worthy community help. 

Local Orphanage

Flourishing Future provides support to the local State run orphanage. Apart from year round support and outings with the children, Flourishing Future runs a month long summer camp for the children each year. It is a highlight for staff, volunteers and the children! Flourishing future provides a full time English teacher to the local orphanage for the benefit of the children and the staff.



Flourishing Future provides medical assistance for those in need. This assistance may be as simple as helping to connect the patient with the right doctor or as substantial as support of needed surgery both within Mongolia as well as outside of Mongolia when absolutely necessary. Medical help also includes monthly medication cost for those suffering from varous illnesses. 

Community Development 


The community center is where the community development starts, with hopes that the ideas, education and creativity that begins here will expand out to the local community. Flourishing Future is always open to explore new ideas brought to us through many people from around the world as well as wthin Mongolia. Do you have something to share with  this community? Please don't hesitate to send us an email and inquire about how you coul use your time and talent here. 

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Bayanzukh district
24th Horoo
Jargalant 2-30 (near police academy and wood market)