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COVID-19 Relief.

When you give, it's allows us to give. See our current Covid-19 relief effort in action.

Your generosity is making a real impact. Period.

When over 300 families are starving, we need to do it right. There is no room for Plan B.

Step one

We obtain family needs and seek lockdown exemption for food delivery.

Step two

Food supply is unpredictable and scarce. We plan ahead and then we buy.

Collaborate shopping lists

Visit multiple stores for supplies

Learn delivery schedules

Purchase at different days/times

Buying food and supplies takes 3-4 days.

Step three

Unpack, repack. Over four days, we prepare for the families we are to visit.

Step four

Over a span of several days, we deliver to our families.

And then we do it again.

This has been our ongoing service since Covid lockdown in March 2020.

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