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"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."

Malcolm X

Image by Ivan Aleksic

Part of the poverty cycle lies the heartbreaking decision to replace your child's education with a job. As the vicious cycle dictates, the poverty cycle remains. We believe that education holds the key to breaking poverty. We have created our own dedicated programme for children in pre-school called Head Start. This programme brings these children to government levels of education so they remain comparable in skill and talent. We also equip these children with the necessary supplies to perform at school. We have supported over 1680 pre-school students since we began in 2001. 

In addition, we provide vocational school to non high school graduates and to our graduates, scholarship for further study. These students often end up with excellent bilingual and professional skills, a greater sense of confidence, leading to strong hiring opportunities. In our recent batch, our graduates obtained degrees in Financial Management, International Relations and Architecture. Each year, we sponsor on average 10-15 high school graduates. Education is indeed the passport to the future.

We break poverty through education.

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