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Family Feeding.

Food tastes better when you eat it with family.


When your food runs out, your family struggles to function. To sustain, deep sacrifices are made, often to long-lasting detriments to your family members. Our family feeding program carefully assesses those we support to ensure we are placing robust measures on supporting the families in meaningful, sustainable and responsible ways.

Our families are visited monthly by our team of dedicated social workers where we listen, understand and assess their most immediate needs. Instead of simply providing food and coal, we walk with our families until they become self-reliant and sustainable.


To date, we have supported over 1000 families since our inception in 2001. Due to Covid-19, we saw family support demand grow six times the usual level and we currently serve over 300 families. We are only able to meet these needs because of your generosity.


We help families continue by ensuring families continue. 

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