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Partner with us.

See what we see, meet who we meet and experience what they experience. Come and share in the hope that comes when a family doesn't need to decide between their child staying in school or the family staying warm. Partner with us and learn why this matters.

Together, we create change.

Sponsor a family

The need is urgent and real in this current pandemic as families face high unemployment, harsh winter climates and rising hunger. Sponsoring a family ensures that basic nutritional needs are met whilst remaining in lockdown. The cost of sponsoring one family is USD 345 for three months and will include key essentials such as rice, flour, vegetables, meat, oil, coal (for heating) and daily household items. As at November 2020, we are currently supporting over 300 families.

Support ongoing programmes

When healthier seasons return, your financial support goes a long way to ensure our medical fund, orphan care programmes, ongoing family concern, and education programmes such as Head Start continue. In this current season, all funding is placed into humanitarian aid as we prevent families from falling into despair.

Experience Mongolia with us

Experiencing life in Mongolia through the lens of a local to see the real impacts of poverty and the resilience that is mustered can be life changing and purpose defining. When safe to do so, allow us to take you on a Mongolia experience and to meet the hardworking staff which are Helping Families Continue. Stay tuned!

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