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Medical Fund.

Providing access to life changing operations to drastically improve quality of life.

Image by Christine Sandu

Living with long-term and chronic illnesses are discouraging and debilitating. Many of the medical cases we encounter are completely treatable and preventable including malnutrition, eyesight correction and burns. In addition, due to poverty, illiteracy and illness, many people simply do not know where to go nor what to do. Our team accompanies them to appropriate healthcare, obtain second opinions from local and international hospitals and often provide them full funding for travel, treatment, prescriptions and subsequent follow-up costs.

Since its inception, we have seen countless people moving forward without painful ailments. We have seen children be gifted with hearing, adults begin walking pain-free and others obtain preventative surgery before serious complications arise. People have assimilated back into the workforce and families have become sustainable yet again.

The real healing starts with your generosity.

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