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See how we do it.

Often times, there is a perception that humanitarian work is considered complete once the physical need is met. In Mongolia, this could be further from the truth as the majority of families that we serve and love have gone through prolonged periods of suffering, leading to poor mental and emotional health. This ultimately degrades and affects the intimate and close-knit institution of a family. This is where we partner alongside our families to help pick themselves back up and continue with life.

Where change begins.

Medical fund

Improving life

Disease, birth defects, untreated injuries, prolonged malnutrition and lack of vaccination leading to illness are just a sample of the medical cases we encounter. 

The medical fund is crucial for those in our care to rebuild and get back on track.

Image by Piron Guillaume

Orphan care

Nurturing through love

There is tremendous impact, effect and influence when people know they are cared for.

This is exactly why we devote a large portion of our time to orphan care - caring, mentoring, coaching and listening as a parent would. 

Family feeding

Removing family hunger

The average hunger rate in Mongolia from 2014 to 2017 was 13.7%. In first world countries, this is less than 2.5%.

Hunger leads to malnutrition, unemployment and a host of other issues. That is why a key priority of ours is to ensure our people are fed nutritiously.

Image by Feliphe Schiarolli


Greater education for greater opportunity

In poverty, choices are extremely painful and long-lasting. Do we feed all or some? Do our children go to school or go to work?

Education is often the victim as young family members are taken out of schools and placed into work. This is where your partnership ensures children stay in school, breaking the cycle of poverty.

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