Flourishing Future Student Scholarships AWARDED!

Thank you to donors who provided for 27 students this year!


Music Teacher  
1st Year Student
Tuition Fee: $1500 usd per year

D. E.  graduated the Badmaarag High School, the preparatory  School of Art and Culture University. He continued to study music and enrolled in University of Art and Culture. He has 7 years of experience playing Morin Huur (Mongolian traditional musical instrument).

He is now a 1st year student in University of Art and Culture and he works hard to support himself. D. E.  does not have family to help with his education and living cost. He has supported half of his own tuition as well as living cost. Despite many life obstacles D. E. has chosen to look forward and work hard.

1st Year Student
Tuition Fee: $1000 USD

G.A. is a daughter of one of the families we provide food support. When her mother passed away, she was left with her father along with her 4 siblings. She is the oldest in her family which made her responsible for her 4 younger siblings while her father is struggling during this difficult time. Her father is unemployed and can't support her university fee. She is a student at the Mongolian National University.


Finance management
3rd year Student
Tuition Fee: $1000 USD

R.Ts. is a 3rd year student at Business Administration School of the Mongolian University of Science and Technology. Last year, she had surgery on her let due to medical complication. We supported her during that difficult times and now she is back on her feet and able to walk. Yet she is still in the recovery process. She is a very talented artist who draws specifically black and white drawings.   

Physical Training teacher
2nd  Year Student
Tuition Fee: $650 USD

D.S. is son of one of the families we provide food support. He is a hard working young man who works beyond himself to support for his family. He is very passionate about gymnastic and currently training for aerobic competition. This is his second year receiving support from us and he is doing excellent at his studies. 

His hardworking quality assures his bright and hopeful future.
Please consider supporting this young man as he seeks to educate himself and overcome poverty.


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